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For more information please click on the link below where you will find a range of advice for parents provided by Cumbria County Council.

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When do children in Cumbria start school and transfer to the next stage of their education?

Children in Cumbria can begin their full-time primary education by entering a Reception class the September following their fourth birthday.

Children entering Reception at a primary school can stay there until they are eleven. Children attending an infant school, transfer to a junior or primary school at the age of seven.

Children transfer to secondary school the September following their eleventh birthday.

When does the application process start each year and when are the closing dates?

Secondary transfer – information about this is available early in the September prior to transfer. The closing date for applications each year is the Friday before the October half-term break.

Starting school – information about this is available mid October in the year before a child can start school. The closing date for Reception applications is 15th January each year.

These closing dates are very important. Don’t let your child miss out by applying late.