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An introduction to our Staff, Volunteers and Governors.

Teaching Staff 
Head Teacher and Key Stage 2 TeacherMrs Joanne Crawford
Foundation and Key Stage 1 TeacherMrs Linda Ditchfield
KS1 STAMiss Nicola Henderson
Key Stage 2 TeacherMrs Jane Lawson
KS2 STA KS2 STAMrs Rebecca Draper Mrs Tracey Oakes
Regular Supply TeachersMrs Sally Heppell Miss Elizabeth O'Neill
Regular Supply HLTAMrs Sallyann Cartner
Teaching Assistant TraineesMiss Victoria Rawlinson Miss Amelia Charlton

Support Staff  & Volunteers
Mrs Carol OrmerodOffice Administrator
Miss Caitlyn PlaceSupport Admin Apprentice
Mrs Rosaline HeskettKitchen Assistant
Miss Kelly AllenKitchen Assistant
Mrs Jill BellMidday Supervisor
Mrs Leah Powe Midday Supervisor

Governor attendance September 2018 to end of July 2019

More information on the role and how to become a governor can be found by following Cumbria Governor Support Services link.

A governor  can be disqualified from holding office if they fail to attend governing body meetings, without the apologies being accepted by the governing body – for a continuous period of six months, beginning with the date of the first meeting missed.

Name               meetings missed    apologies accepted   apologies not accepted

Joanne Crawford     0

Jane Lawson             0

Stephen Smye          0

Tori Rawlinson         0

Vikki Quin                New governor academic year 2019/2020

Lindsay Saki              0

Rachel Spedding      New governor academic year 2019/2020

Michael Woodend  New governor academic year 2019/2020

Paul Todd                  2                  2-Mr Todd has stepped down as no longer on parish council 13.1.2020)                                                                                              Carl Ormerod           0                                                                                            Linda Ditchfield        0

 Register of interest

Governors have a legal duty to act only in the best interests of their schools. Where a situation arises in which they cannot do this due to a personal interest they have, steps should be taken to identify, prevent and record the conflict. This ensures governors are acting in the best interests of the school.

None of the governors have any office of governance in any other educational institution.

None of the governors have any material interest arising from relationships between governors and school staff.

Ms.Lawson, Mrs. Crawford and Miss Rawlinson have a financial/ business interest in the school because they are employees. None of the other governors have any financial or business interests relating to the school.